bracket for crossing spans of HZP1600 launching cranes

How about bracket for crossing spans of HZP1600 launching cranes?

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Bracket for crossing spans of HZP1600 segmental assembly launching cranes refers to a bracket connecting cantilever beam and suspended beam and transmitting loads from suspended beam.

segmental assembly launching crane

segmental assembly launching crane

Removable support legs and brackets 20 pieces in total are installed at front and rear support legs and conversion support point part for longitudinal crossing spans, they are independent manufacturing unit, installed at outside face of web plate at designated parts of main girder by pairing finished bolts. As the launching crane works, loads on main girder, elements and concrete at upper part are transmitted by brackets to support legs of launching crane which pass loads to pier body or top surface of concrete box body.

Bracket is an important structure to bear stress, make sure to completely tight the bolts as installing it, and check, re-tight the bolts when the launching crane is crossing spans with no load, a regular check on all welds in main girder stiffen plates at bracket installation part to ensure safety.

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