“Going Abroad”strategies of China high speed railway

“Going Abroad”strategies of China high speed railway

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From Thailand to Eastern Europe then to Africa, Premier of State Council Ke-Qiang Li must highly recommend China high speed railway to local government in every visit. China high speed railway features perfect technique, mature running experience, guaranteed quality, higher cost performance and good fame in international market.

launching gantry

launching gantry

Below are “going abroad” strategies of China high speed railway.

1. Europe-Asia high speed railway

Routes: start from London, by way of Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, Kiev to Moscow, then divided into two branches, one branch to Kazakhstan, the other to Khabarovsk in the Far East, then to Manzhouli in China.

Progress: domestic section starts construction, overseas section is still in negotiation.

2. China-Asia high speed railway

Routes: start from Urumchi, by way of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran and Turkey, then to Germany.

Progress: domestic section is pushing forward, overseas section is still in negotiation

HZQ900T launching girder

HZQ900T launching girder

3. Pan-Asia High Speed Railway

Routes: start from Kunming, China, by way of Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia to Singapore

Progress: Railway tunnel between China and Myanmar starts construction in June

4. China-Russia-Canada-America high speed railway

Routes: start from China Northeast then to North all the way, by way of Siberia to Bering strait, then pass through the Pacific Ocean in the way of undersea tunnel to Alska, then Canada, reaching America in the end.

Progress: in negotiation.

Vision: this route has 13,000 kilometers in preliminary estimation. After finishing construction, taking plane is not necessary from China to America, cross-country scenery on the way could be in the eyes by high speed railway. With design speed 350km/h, passengers are expected to arrive in America in less than two days.

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