Emergency Plan

Emergency Plan 2 for Gantry Crane Dismantling, Transportation and Installation

FAQ 十 12, 2012 Emergency Plan 2 for Gantry Crane Dismantling, Transportation and Installation已关闭评论

?Preventions and Emergency measures
1. Work out relevant accidents emergency plan according to provisions and actual conditions of gantry crane installation project and report to the leading group
2. Accident emergency plan should include the followings:
1) fault type and signs which appears in daily operation and could cause an accident, and their solutions

2) Organization management network and rescue personnel for special equipment accidents emergency rescue

3) Responsibilities to deal with the accident for corresponding equipment operators, maintenance workers and duty officer for safe production


HZQ30/80 bridge crane

HZQ30/80 bridge crane

3. According to equipment features and regulations of emergency rescue plan, prepare necessary equipments, tools, rescue goods and other material reserve

4. Organize accident emergency treatment knowledge and skills training for all workers at fixed period, and do emergency excise

5. Maintain and check the equipment at the fixed period, make a periodical survey to special equipment according to relevant regulations. Installation company should make an overall check on the equipment if the malfunction or abnormal working happens. After eliminating hidden accident dangers, the equipment can be used again.


6. Accident report and site protection
when special equipment accidents happen, project department should do the followings immediately:

1) According to relative emergency plan regulations, rapidly take effective measures and actively organize rescue to prevent accidents from spreading

2) Strictly protect site of accident
3) At the same time report the accident to relevant departments such as emergency treatment leading group, precast yard of CCCC Fourth Harbour Engineering Cooperation in Doha and others

4) After emergency treatment leading group office receives accident report, it should immediately report the accident to headquarters and other national departments


HZQ30-80 bridge girder launcher

HZQ30-80 bridge girder launcher

7. Emergency treatment
1) After the accident, related personnel such as equipment operators, maintenance worker, supervisor, branch leader, no.1 duty officer for safe production should take active and effective rescue measures in accordance with accident emergency rescue plan. Principles of accident company should not be absent without permission during the period of emergency rescue and accidents investigation.

2) After the accident, immediately start the corresponding emergency plan approved by headman of accidents emergency treatment leading group
3)During emergency rescue process, companies and individuals concerned should actively support, cooperate and provide all convenient conditions.

4) Work staff taking part in accident emergency treatment should take safe protection measures based on regulations of emergency plan, and carry out work under the guidance of professionals

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