Emergency Plan

Emergency Plan 1 for Gantry Crane Dismantling, Transportation and Installation

FAQ 十 10, 2012 Emergency Plan 1 for Gantry Crane Dismantling, Transportation and Installation已关闭评论

(1) The general provisions

1 In order to prevent, control and eliminate the hazards of the sudden accident in the process of gantry crane installation effectively and timely; minimizing the losses caused by the accident; safeguarding the interests of the society and enterprises; protecting the safety of the personnel and property, we make the emergency plan combining with the actual circumstances of the project and according to the requirements of the <<Regulation on safety supervision for special equipment>> and << Safe Production Act>>

Lifting equipment

Lifting equipment

2 This plan is about the emergency rescue work procedures and organizational principles aiming to solve the accidents in the installation period. According to the requirements of the<<Regulation on safety supervision for special equipment>>, this plan specifies the corresponding duties and scope for the different units, departments and personnel.

3 The accident mentioned in this plan refers to the variety sudden ones in the installation process of the Qatar Newport pier and inner breakwater project of the CCCC Fourth Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd which causes or may cause the personal safety, construction interruption and property damage. It mainly includes the following accidents:

A. The accidents cause the significant personal injury because of the overturning, breaking or some other reasons;

B. The accidents cause personal injury because of falling;

C. Fire, explosion;

D. Electric shock accidents

(2) Working Principle

1 Take people as the foremost, reduce the harm. Implement the management and service function effectively to protect the worker?s health, lives and property and view it as the primary task. Reduce the casualties and harm caused by the emergency accidents to the largest extent.

2 Be prepared for the danger in times of peace, focusing on the prevention. Attaching great importance to the security in the assembly process unremittingly and taking the preventive measures. Enhance the sense to insist on the combination prevention and emergency, normal and abnormal circumstances. Do the completely preparatory work responding to the emergencies at any time.

3 Unified leadership and management at different levels. Under the unified leadership of the CCCC Fourth Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd Doha Beam field headquarter, we establish and improve category management, graded responsibilities, paying attention to the scene, concentrating on the grass-roots-based emergency management system, implementing the responsibility system for administrative leadership and giving full play to the role of the professional emergency command structure.

honeycomb girder gantry crane

honeycomb girder gantry crane

4 According to the norms and strengthening management. Strength the emergency management in the accordance with the relevant laws and administrative regulations and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the personnel. Make the working procedures responding to the emergencies standardization, institutionalization and legalization.

5 Rapid and coordinated response. Strength the construction of the main attention to the scene, establish the emergency response team concentrating on the grassroots level. Set up the linkage of the harmonized system and make full of the role of the project department and operating team. Rely on the power of the majority of the workers to form an emergency management mechanism of the unified command, responsive, full-featured, coordinated, orderly and efficient operation.

6 Rely on the science and technology and improve quality. Enhance the safety training and education, adopt the advanced monitoring, forecasting, early warning, prevention, emergency response technology and facilities. Give full play to the role of the experts and professionals to improve the technological level and commanding ability to respond to the emergencies to avoid the secondary derived events. Meanwhile strength the publicity and education, improve their self-help, mutual-help and the overall quality to respond to all types of the emergencies.

7 For the emergency processing, it should implement the spirit and principles of unified leadership, professional labor division, timely response, resolute measures, relying on the science and strengthening the co-operation.

8 The various units, departments and each operating room should establish a strict equipment accident prevention and emergency response responsibility system and earnestly fulfill their respective responsibilities, cooperate to deal with the emergency rescue and relief work actively to ensure the normal conduction of the special equipment accident emergency treatment.

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