Comparing: Bridge Crane VS Gantry Crane

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Comparing: Bridge Crane VS Gantry Crane

For bridge crane and gantry crane, each crane has a bridge which extends across the crane structure from rail to rail. It sits on an end carriage that has a set of track wheels which run on a rail on either side of the building.


With a wide range, bridge cranes are always used inside factories to finish jobs. In general, they are attached to opposing factory walls and run on overhead rails. For gantry cranes, they are used in factories and outdoor storage yards such as railway and shipping storage areas. Gantry cranes have two or four upright supports, which move along two ground-based rails. The max hook height can decide the height of supports.


Bridge and gantry cranes can be classified into remote controlled, cabin controlled and pendant controlled ones. In most cases, bridge and gantry cranes are controlled by a pendant push button, which suspended from the crane structure. As to cabin controlled cranes, they have a widespread use especially when it is impossible to have a clear walkway or when the driver must be protected well. For instance, if the driver works in the steel industry, they must be kept off the extreme heat from the liquid steel carried by the cranes.


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