Rear leg of HZQ900 launching gantry

Brief introduction on rear leg of HZQ900 launching gantry

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HZQ900 type launching gantry is mainly made up of main girder and front, rear cross girder; front lifting trolley, rear lifting trolley, rear part winch system; front leg; rear leg and rear leg bogie; auxiliary leg and bogie; guide beam; cantilever beam and auxiliary trolley; control cabin and electrical control system; hydraulic system and power system, safety protection device and other parts. Below is brief introduction on rear leg:

HZQ900 launching gantry

HZQ900 launching gantry

Rear leg is o-type closed structure, upper part (the third section) and main girder is connected with M30 high tension bolt. Max section (the first section) bottom part is connected with moving bogie, one pair of moving driving wheel is set up respectively at the right and left, middle hinge seat cushion block at the bottom part of the gearbox provides support; set up hydraulic oil cylinder, realize change between load-carrying device (hinge seat cushion block support) and moving wheel.

Left and right moving gearbox moves on the special rail, rail distance 5900mm, rail type Q120

One hydraulic pump station is installed at the bottom part of the support leg, pump station 7.5kw.

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