Assembly Precautions of the Bridge Building Crane

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Assembly Precautions of the Bridge Building Crane


1. The assembly should be executed in accordance with the technic proposed ahead of time.
2. The commander, performer as well as the checker should be in position and work under the same commander.
3. The situations of the assembly equipment should be checked closely (Especially, the state of the lifting devices, the steel wire rope and the casino online strapping joints should be checked regularly.)
4. The lifting point and the auxiliary structure of the lifting devices should be well chose. The lifting capacity of the crane should not be over the designed lifting capacity, which should be paid much attention to. Otherwise, the injury accidents may happen.
5. Each part of the crane should be in the right position and the connecting piece in the air should be fixed, firm and effective, and should meet the installation specification requirements.
6. The records should be well kept in the process of assembly and the unforeseen circumstances should be dealt with properly.




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