Are you familiar with Zhengzhou Huazhong Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd ?

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Zhengzhou Huazhong Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd produced a series of gantry cranes covering various modes of different sizes,including large girder gantry crane(MGHZ1200,the lifting capacity of 1200t),high-speed rail girder gantry crane,honeycomb beam gantry crane, box girder gantry crane,electric hoist single girder gantry crane,shipbuilding gantry crane,L type gantry crane,rail type container gantry crane,rubber-tyred container gantry crane,etc.The professionally designed gantry crane carefully manufactured by the engineer is of high quality and safety.The purchased components are excellent foreign and domestic brands.The gantry crane is sold both at home and abroad,including these countries in southeast Asia,middle East, south America, Africa, etc., and widely used in the beam field, yard, plant,port etc. The gantry crane enjoys good reputation among customers for the high quality and sound service.
Then, let’s take the bridge girder launcher for high speed railway as an example.
The bridge girder launcher for high speed railway of passenger railwayss is manufactured and developed for the various types of main beam,heavy weight of hook and the high precision of erection,adapting to the changing of tracks and the curve erection. The bridge girder launcher online slots for high speed railway has the following advantages:
Firstly,good stability of hoisting of the girder:two trolleys cooperate with each other in three-dimensional motion with the girder, meeting the requirements of the girder erection.The hoisting beam body adopts the method of lifting in four points of the object with three points in balance, the beam body bearing stress in good state.
Secondly,Low height of the whole crane: the hoist withdraws and then keeps away from the trolley,efficiently reducing the height of the crane;
Thirdly,high efficiency of operation:the processes of beam supporting and transporting are separated to increase the efficiency of operation.

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