Analysis of the Reason of Launching Gantry Accident

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Analysis of the Reason of Launching Gantry Accident

     With the development of railway construction, the use of launching gantry for railway is increasingly frequent, as a result of which, the overturning accident of launching gantry for railway happens a lot, causing the destruction of machinery and the death of people. Once the accidents happened, the repair of the launching gantry takes a long time and much money; also, the accidents impact the progress of launching gantry as well as the railway construction. The reasons of launching gantry accidents can be concluded as follows:

  1. human error

    Some staff of the construction companies are of low quality and not responsible, even poor in technology. In addition, some unit leaders are not strict with the implementing of the institution, fail to guide correctly and manufacture product without referring to the normal standard.

2. Subgrade and line

    The low quality of subgrade and line are the main reasons of launching gantry overturning. There are more or less hidden troubles of the subgrade. And the quality of the line is too low. For example, if the line slope is not even causing the launching gantry skidding and thus overturning.

3. The launching gantry itself

    The launching gantry needs to find its proper place through the one end of the bridge with lifting the bridge girder. When it travels, its high center of gravity is easy to causing its overturning. The launching gantry currently used has a long body, heavy weight and high center of gravity.

4. Lacking proper maintenance

The launching gantry belongs to the large equipment and has lots of process, each of which may cause the overturning of the launching gantry. If the launching gantry is not properly maintained, even a small part may bring in serious consequence.

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