Accidents Points for Launching Gantry

Accidents Points for Launching Gantry in the Bridge Construction Process

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To effectively prevent, timely control and eliminate the damage caused by sudden accident in the bridge construction process, reduce loss caused by the accident to a maximum extent, maintain interest of society and enterprise, ensure human and property safety, ZZHZ makes a series of measures to manage the launching gantry working.

launching gantry

launching gantry

The launching gantry in the girder installing accidents may cause some accidents such as lifting injury, workers falling down, launching gantry overturn. Below summaries are about accidents points which should be noticed:

Firstly the type of launching gantry must meet the demand of project structure; operator and commander must receive training and qualified certificate before working; before stressed parts are used in the construction, they must be checked and get demonstration from experts; trial lifting check for all parts must be qualified; command, connection signal must be accurate, security workers with sole duty safeguards as launching gantry crosses piers and installs girders;

Secondly, front leg and rear leg must be supported before working, and lighting work must be done in the night construction; make a premise work before the launching gantry crosses piers, rail obstacles must be cleaned up; launching gantry should work with girder transporter to lift girders, trolley and girder transporter must have a synchronic speed, check whether jacks works well as dropping girders to ensure a correct installation;

Finally, check whether all devices are in safety position and general power is closed safely after working, close door and window of cabin and electrical cabinet.

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