Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway Project

900t bridge girder launching gantry for high-speed railway

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(1) Brief  introduction

900t bridge girder launching gantry

Scope of application and purpose

  1. can bridge full span box-type prestressed concrete girder for double track special railway passenger line with straight line, curve line(radius >2500m),longitudinal gradient 20‰,32m,24m,20m equal span or changing span
  2. erect bridge girder at the beginning and at the end
  3. cross one pier to another pier by automatic shifting
  4. two ways to shift between bridges: carried by girder transporter and automatic transfer




(2)Design and manufacturing standard

2.1 The Beijing-Shanghai high speed railway design provisional regulations               railway construction letters [2003]13

2.2 The Beijing-Shanghai high speed railway equipment research technical conditions    high speed railway office letter [2003]23

2.3 Standard for railway bridge and tunnel construction TB10203-2000

2.4 Railway bridge reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete structure design codes                 TB10002.3-98

2.5 Crane design codes                 GB3811-83

2.6 Crane test standard and procedure   GB5905-86

2.7 Lifting machinery safety regulations GB6067-85

2.8 Girder installation regulations for railway bridge girder launcher                                 TB/T10401.1-2003

2.9 Steel structure design codes     GBJ50017-2003

2.10 General assembly technical demands JB/ZQ400.9-86

2.11 General technical demands for welding parts JB/ZQ4000.3-86

2.12 Fastener mechanical property   GB3098-82

2.13 Low voltage apparatus basic standard   GB1497-85

2.14 General technical conditions for hydraulic system   GB/T3766-2001

2.15 Bridge crane type test rules               TSG Q2002-2004


(3) Main technical parameters

3.1 Rated lifting capacity      900t

3.2 Installed girder type

32m,24m, 20m double line box girder with equal or shift span

3.3 Trolley lifting speed    0- 0.5m/min

3.4 Lifting height           7.5m

3.5 Lateral fine adjustment speed      0-0.1m/min

Lateral fine adjustment distance  ±200mm

3.6 Trolley longitudinal moving speed

0-3m/min(heavy load)0-5m/min(no load)

3.7 Lifting ways: four points lifting, three point balance

3.8 Ways for installing girders: simple support installation

for one span, as installing girders, max reaction force of rear

leg single side to the abutment or girder installed ≤464.5t,

max reaction force of front leg to the abutment ≤377.8t

3.9 Crossing pier ways     crossing pier and moving

forward automatically; moving speed 0-3m/min; max reaction

force of guide beam leg single point to abutment ≤106t.

Rear leg moves on the temporary rail on the bridge deck, rail

distance 5.9m, single side max reaction force to the abutment

or girder installed ≤155t, wheel pressure 77.5t

3.10 Min radius of curvature of curved bridge Rmin≥2000m

3.11 Operating mode        cabin control, remote control

3.12 Applicable longitudinal gradient 20‰,

lateral gradient 4%

3.13 Applicable working temperature    -20℃~50℃

3.14 Applicable wind force     6 grade (working condition)

11 grade (non-working condition)

3.15 Auxiliary trolley technical parameters and guide beam Displacement ways:

Lifting capacity: 80t

Moving distance: 19.5m

Moving speed: 0-3m/min

Guide beam displacement ways: trolley of front guide beam, auxiliary leg and auxiliary trolley work together

3.16 Work efficiency       2 span/8h (moving distance 8km)

3.17 Out dimension

Mainframe (length x width x height) 73.92×17.8×13.48m

Guide beam (length x width x height) 36.84×1.8×2.4m

Complete machine (length x width x height) 89.15×17.8×13.48 m

Out dimension as carrying girders

(length x width x height) 73.92×17.8×11.48m

Out dimensions to pass tunnels with girders

(length x width x height) 73.92×10.89×7.74m

3.18 Power 300KW, max power of single work 37×4kw

3.19 Rated power or motor 300kw

3.20 Total weight of the complete machine: 580t;

Main frame 513t, guide beam 67t.

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