660T Downstroke MSS Bridge Creating Machine

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Downstroke Movable Support System

1, The applicable scope and purpose
MSS30/660 Bridge Creating Machine is designed for meeting the demands of 30m continuous concrete box-girder construction. It is a bridge construction machine whose construction method is that installing on the piers and field casting. The main characteristics are high rigid for main girder, convenient bracing installation, variable piers.  

2, Main characteristics and advantages 
The machine is installed below the bridge floor, supporting the templates with two sets of steel box girder. The moving between the piers is carried through the transverse moving and longitudinal traveling of the main girder mould bases with the template. With three sets of support legs, two of them is used to supporting while casting the concrete girder. As the machine needs to move from one pier to next pier, the third support leg shifts to the front pier and fix on it in order to accomplish the task. The moving method of the machine is like this, one by one. Equip with four sets of hydraulic system, the machine can realize the jacking up, transverse and longitudinal traveling automatically.
3, Design documents
  MSS600 Downstroke Bridge Creating Machine is designed according to the <<Purchase and Sale Agreement>>, the drawing of concrete box-girder, piers and abutment provided by customers and some national design standard in the field of machinery.
 << Crane Design Standard>> (GB/T3811)
<< Steel Structure Design Standard>> (GB50017)
<< Code for Design of Highway Bridges and Culverts>> (JTJ021)
 << The General Safety Technical Requirements for Engineering Machinery>> (JB/T6030)
<< Code for Construction and Acceptance of Electrical Appliance Installation Engineering>> (GB50256)
<< The General Technical Conditions for Hydraulic System>> (GB 3766)
<< Code for Construction and Acceptance of Steel Structure>> (GB50205)
<< Mechanical Properties of Fasteners—Bolts, Screws and Studs>> (GB 3098.1)
4, Design Requirements:
a, When the machine counters the conditions like: the continuous girder or transferring, it is equipped with the functions of counterweight mechanism and overall opening and closing.
   b, The traveling method is walking hydraulic push-put, the support leg rearrangement needs the auxiliary facility.
   c, The machine is double main girder, supporting with the corbel and piers.
   d, The max. anti-force of the supporting beam is 316N at working.
   e, The construction speed : 12 days for two piers ( later it will be 11 days for two piers).
   f, The max. anti-support force of support roll while traveling: 103N.
   g, Applicable longitudinal slope/lateral slope: 2%/2%.
 h, The deflection of main girder: 1/700
8, The installation scheme and procedure:
The whole installation procedure is more complicated as the following ways:
a, Install the support bracing and poles
b, Assemble the trolley
c, Hoist and install the steel box girder
d, Assemble the templates and poles, adjust it to meet its demand
e, Install the hydraulic operation system and electrical system
f, Assemble the platform and ladder
g, Install the front and rear guide girder
h, Carry out the load test
9, How to test the machine
Check the dimension, perpendicularity, pre-camber, deflection when the installation is done.
9.1,     Overall dimension: 69.4m(L) ×19.08m(W)×11.6m(H)9.2, The main girder upper deflection: AF=(0.9/1000-1.4/1000) S
9.3,   Adjust the pre-camber to approach the standard of the instructions.
9.4,   The main girder side curvature: AFP≤S/1200
9.5,   Assemble and connect the high-strength bolt according to the standard
10, The instructions for the personnel staff
The operators must read the instructions carefully, and stick with the regulations to operate the machine. The specific requirements are as following:
a, Regarding the MSS-660 mould parts, avoid to touch the ground, and keep the net space 10-25cm
b, After the bracing structure has been assembled, the professional personnel must check it carefully before the machine begins to move to the next pier.
c, No operations in the bad weather such as: strong wind, rain, heavy fog and icy snow.
d, The wind force can affect the machine operation. When the wind speed≤12m/s (grade 6), the machine can move forward normally. When the wind speed is 12m/s-22m/s (grade7-8), the machine need to keep stationary, however the box-girder construction continues. When the wind speed is 22m/s-30m/s (grade 9-10) , the machine must be immobile. When the wind speed≥30m/s (grade 10), tie up the machine with the piers and ensure its stationary.        e, Equip the lighting device when the machine operates at night in the working area and passageway to guarantee the construction safety.
 f, Make sure that the traveling rail is smooth without the obstacles. 
g, The operators must accept the professional training and achieve the operations certificates of special equipment.
11, The daily maintenance
 The same as the HZQ900T Bridge Girder Launcher
12, How to dismantle and transfer the machine?  The dismantling, transferring scheme is opposite with the installation scheme. The procedures are as following:
a, Choose the hoisting equipment according to the part weight
b, Dismantle the front and rear guide girder
c, Dismantle the ladder and platform
d, Dismantle the hydraulic operation system and electrical system
e, Remove the templates and poles
f, Dismantle the steel box girder
g, Remove the trolleys
h, Dismantle the supporting bracing
i, Loading and transferring       


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